What’s Cooking–Check Yourself!!!

Well the other day..I was preparing Fish for Dinner and then I got the idea why not take capture of the Fish before papering them..Well my friend told me that As he don’t see any reason clicking the picture of Fish other than putting in my Blog.. :-P.Well to make his reason clear–Here are the Pieces of the Fish I was preparing for dinner.. 😀

Oh and not to mention the Fish Curry was pretty good :)Well I was the cook so it was to bound to taste great.. 😉

*This is Just a Random and Time Pass Capture(As I had no other thing to Post today.. 😛

Well if now you have looked at the Picture Closely–Tell me how may Pieces were there? 😛 😉



Hungry Kya?No Worries–FoodPanda is Here

For the Past few days I have been very busy at my work,I barely get time to cook my dinner so I was having a lot of trouble taking dinner regularly.. :(.And the fact is I end having my dinner at some restaurants most of the time..But even doing that is also getting tiresome for me…So I decided to order food online,it is not that I have not ordered food online,I have tried it many times,but this time I found something new–I mean a New Website for ordering food online and Let me introduce it to you Guys—

A Big Round of Applause for the all new–FoodPanda-Browse|Click|Eat


For those who have visited FoodPanda please read on and those who haven’t  surely must read on.. :D,Because whenever you are in hurry,hungry or tired,just go to foodpanda.in and have what you love.. 🙂

*Please click on the images for better view..

To start off the best I like about FoodPanda is its simplicity and the ease of use of the site,generally when you are really hungry or tired you don’t want to go through all the heavy browsing or clicking and FoodPanda makes your life easy by just making you to click 3 times and type 2 times and off you will land in the Menu of your Favorite restaurant,isn’t it easy enough to go for this site.. :),Here’s what the ordering looks like–

Foodpand OrderingFoodpanda Ordering

See I told you Guys just 3 steps is what all you need to order your favorite food and the last well obviously payment(You have to Pay for what you order.. ;))
And if you are logged on in Google and has enabled auto-tracking of your location and  then FoodPanda automatically takes your City and Locations,so saving up your time and typing,great feature isn’t it,all you have to do is click Find Food Now and the list of restaurants appears for you…

Apart from that the site also offers Deal of The Week–Simply click on the ‘Get the Deal’ button and if the deal is available in your location we can have it..Enjoy… 🙂

Deals of the Week-FoodpandaDeals of the Week-Foodpanda

Moreover for the simplicity and ease of use,the sites also provide the options to order food choosing the Cuisines that you like,Simply choose the cuisines and it will show you with the restaurants providing such cuisines and they have wide ranges of Cuisines.. 🙂

Foodpanda CusinesFoodpanda Cuisines

So it is very easy to use Foodpanda and moreover once you order your food they keep you updated with your order and also provide the option of Cash on Delivery…Here is the list of FAQs if you still have questions about the–Go on check them out–Foodpanda FAQ’s

So I have said a lot about Foodpanda and now it is your turn to experience their service,but before you proceed to let me tell you guys a little bit about the Team Foodpanda India–So They are a small team of Designers,thinkers who wanted to make ordering food online simpler,fast and fun and from my experience I will say they are just awesome–Here you can Know more about Them.And if you are wondering about their working hours,let mention you that totally depends on the timings of Restaurants you choose and but if you have any queries you can call Foodpanda between 11AM to 11PM

They are also widening their horizons,currently present in almost 13-14 cities in India and here is the List of Cities they provide service,providing Popular Cuisines and Ease of Ordering and Customer Satisfactions being their priority they are surely going to make it,that’s what I feel and I am not wrong.. 😀

Just see for yourself How Foodpanda is growing and making its mark pretty nicely–Here

Believe Me I have experienced Foodpanda’s service and I like it a lot,So in the next post I will share my experience and now off I go to order from foodpanda.in

And here is a cartoon dedicated totally to foodpanda.in


Disclaimer–The image posted here is the property of foodpanda.in and the information provided here is for general purpose only

Assam Tea-A Blend of Taste and Quality

I am a great Tea Lover and generally drinks about 7-8 cups of tea a day.For all the Tea Lovers out there like me,here is few lines describing the finest tea-‘The Assam Tea

The Finest Tea-Assm Tea

The Finest Tea-Assam Tea

“Ek Garam Chai ki Pyali ho
Assam Tea Si Banane Wali ho
Chahe Thandi ho ya Garmi ho
Peene Layak Banani ho
Mil Jaye To Mil Jaye
Assam Tea To
Tara rum pum pum Tara rum pum pum… :-)”

P.S.-These lines are taken from a Song of the Film ‘Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega’ sung by ‘Anu Malik'(I so hate his Singing).

Assam tea(Camellia sinensis var. assamica) needless to say one of finest tea in India and arguably in the world is a black tea grown in Assam, India.With a distinctive malty flavor and a bold and invigorating character,Assam tea is a particular favorite for use in breakfast teas. English Breakfast tea and Irish Breakfast tea are both types of teas that are often partly or completely composed of Assam tea leaves.Assam tea possesses a beautiful ruby-amber hue.

Assam is one of the most prolific tea-producing regions in the world.Each year,the tea estates of Assam collectively yield about 1.5 million pounds (680,400 kg) of tea.The Climatic conditions of Assam makes it favourable for tea plantation,The climate varies between a cool, arid winter and a hot, humid rainy season—conditions ideal for it.

Assam tea is generally harvested twice,in a “first flush” and a “second flush”.The first flush is picked sometime during late March.The second flush,harvested later,is the more prized “tippy tea,”named thus for the gold tips that appear on the leaves.This second flush,tippy tea is sweeter and more full-bodied and is generally considered superior to the first flush tea.The leaves of the Assam tea bush are dark green and glossy and fairly wide compared to those of the Chinese tea plant.The bush produces delicate white blossoms.

Assam mainly produce Black Tea and there are two ways to produce it:-

  • Orthodox-The tea produced using this method is of great value and nearly 80% of Assam Tea is produced using this method is generally for international market.

    Orthodox Tea

    Orthodox Tea

  • CTC(Crush,Tear and Curl)-These teas are consumed in the most part of the Indian domestic market primarily because the method of preparing
    CTC Tea

    CTC Tea

    tea in India is done by boiling leaves in a mixture of milk,water and sugar and the CTC teas produce a rich red color when they are boiled,thus adding a beautiful color which comes through the white of the milk but yet does not produce a bitterness (in that preparation).

So,this is all about Assam Tea,Moreover the tea gardens in Assam is also a delight to visit especially in Morning with a cup of Tea and the gentle breeze blowing around you,a feeling never felt before…. 🙂

Phulbari Tea Garden-Assam

Phulbari Tea Garden-Assam