PhotoGraphy-A Macro Shot I guess!!!

Since I build up this blog I have tried so many things starting from creating Cartoons,Making Animations,writing about Tourism,So this time I thought of Photography as well.

I have bought a Nikon CoolPix S2700 Camera few days ago and used it for taking Images using its different mode..But I was unable get anything correct.But the other day I tried the Macro feature to shot an Artificial Rose in a Restaurant and result was pretty good…So I thought this Photograph definitely deserve a  space in my blog…And So here it is..Please do leave your comment about the Photograph..I will be very happy to know others opinion on this.. 🙂

Thanks… 🙂

Macro Shot-A Rose

Macro Shot-A Rose

My First Cartoon

This Post is completely dedicated to my very first Friend in Blogging World.I am really thankful to him and his Cartoons to inspire me to try my hand at it and he is none other than Nitesh,the owner of MySay-Cartoons Doodles Quotes.

Nitesh,wish me luck so that I can create nice Cartoons in future.And here is my first cartoon starting Jack(Nitesh) and Me.. 🙂

MineSo,guys what do you think about this cartoon…Please put in your comments so that I can know if I am capable to carry this forward.

And Nitesh please be my mentor and give true feedback on this.

Thanks and Enjoy.. 🙂


Crimes On Women-Time to Stop It

This post is an Animated Description of my Previous Post which I wrote for IndiChange.Again it’s Go!Animate that has helped me to create this awareness animation and I am really happy that I am able to produce this short animation that shows how it has become important to stop Crimes On Women.

The Scene starts with an office talk between me and my colleague.I am sad about a news I saw in the Newspaper that day and was really disturbed and then my colleague comes in and we had a very healthy chat on the issues on Crimes on Women.

To Know about the chat please watch the video.And if you have time and want to read my earlier post on the same topic here it is Put A Halt on Women Voilence.

Please leave your views and spread the message.

Thanks 🙂