Aftermath of Indiblogger

Today around 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm Indiblogger site was down,maybe it was down before that also but I checked around 12:30 pm and I was very shocked and irritated as I was not able to check mine and other fellow blogger post and moreover how many votes I got on my post.I think this is not the condition only with me,even other bloggers are also very desperate with that site you know why… :-P.

Just as I was little irritated with the site being down,my friend Jack and I had a little chat on this and it was on his idea I came up with the cartoon on Indiblogger Aftermath,actually he asked me to write a post on it but I thought to make it a cartoon as I was not sure what to write,So I thought the Cartoon will speak better… 🙂

Indiblogger aftermath

Indiblogger aftermath

Jack Of All Trades,Master Of None

Jack Of All TradesMost of Us,at some point of time has heard the phrase “Jack of all Trade,Master of None”.But the real question is Do we really want to be “Jack of all trades,master of none”.What does it mean to be a “Jack of all trades”? Why are the connotations logical? Are they logical?

If I were to say then at any given point of time I am happy to wear the tag of “Jack of All Trades” than to be “Master of One”.

This expression comes to mind when we see a person involved in many areas,will spread themselves and ultimately become a master of none.The problem is not with the person being able to handle so many areas,the problem is with the society’s poor ability to cater for all types of such personalities. 😛

I used this phrase for the first time when I was in my 11th standard,my teacher asked the class out of nowhere”Do you Guys want to be Jack of all trades or Master of One” and I instantly got up and said to me being Jack of all Trade is any day better than being Master of One and since then I see myself as Jack of All Trades and the reason behind this is that it at least give me the confidence to take up even the toughest task with very little or no knowledge.

Being “Mr.Jack of All Trades” in my view is definitely win-win situation as each and everyday you will be busy doing something new or learning something new,the horizon of our knowledge will increase day by day and will not be confined to one subject and at no point of time you will find yourself in boredoom.What I want to see is more people giving time to self-development.It’s important that we continue to push our minds into new domains,even if it is just one or two more things you decide to pursue.What’s important is constant development.

I see nothing wrong with being called a Jack of all trades.I believe in the sentiment so strongly that I’ll call myself “Mr. Jack of all trades”.Learning is nothing but a pleasure. Don’t allow for anyone or anything to coerce you into thinking of it in a negative light. It really is ok to be the Jack of all trades,Impressive in fact. 😎

I have given my view and I love if someone calls me “Jack of All Trades”.

Thank You for Reading.