My Toddler Blog is Now Six Months Old…

Yup as the Title says it all–My Blog “All Resource” completed 6 months i.e. on 29th October 2013…I started this blog on 29th April 2013..When I started this Blog I had no Idea on what I will write about..But today when I look back at my Blog I feel like writing a Blog is one of those decision that has helped me to develop.. 😀

And on this very Day..I want to thank with all my heart all the Readers,Followers and dear Blogger Friends who helped me,encouraged me to come this far..Shower your Love and Blessings on All Resource like this forever….I am greatly obliged to everyone out there who supported me to come this long..Thank You Thank You.. 😀 😀

And This Thank You will be incomplete without thanking Indiblogger,for providing such a lovely platform for Indian Bloggers and Also WordPress for being such a lovely and simple blogging tool.. 😀

Seriously I did learn a lot of things within these 6 months and still learning as I believe Learning is a Continuous Process and I want to learn as long as I can…This Blog was started with the sole purpose of putting light towards North-East India,its beauty and tourism,which I still do today but apart from it,I started  to writing about many things,started doing things that I have interest and now I want to keep it that way and keep moving… 😀
And Most importantly this blog helped me to find out the Creative Me inside Me..I may not be hard-core creative person..But I like doing creative things and that is one thing this blog has taught me…I owe many thank to my blog “All Resource”..Long Live “All Resource”.. 😀

Oscar to All Resource

Oscar to All Resource

And Here are the links of some work I did for first time–

 So,at Last you if don’t know me yet head to Know Me.. 😀


24 Years 24 things I learned in Life

My Exact Age till Date

My Exact Age till Date

Doing a random net search of Age Calculator to pass my time,I landed on one website that not only shows my age,it even shows days,hours and minutes since our birth,screenshot of my Age on the right,If you guys want to check this stuff visit here.

There is around 3 months for my next birthday(so sad will become 1 year older.. :-P) and I thought of taking this screenshot with no reason and it is then,this post idea clicked my mind and at the very moment I decided to write what I learned in Life all these years.The points written here totally come out of my experience in my life though not in order.So without much fuss,here I go.. 🙂

  1. Do thing what you feel is right,either you will have success or experience and believe me taste of both is awesome.
  2. Never regret for anything in life as at some point of time it was exactly what we wanted and regression is nothing important to hold a place in life.
  3. There is always fun in hanging out with friends,always cherish that
    Cheers to Life

    Cheers to Life


  4. Learn to adjust with different types of people and in different situations,it will bring out the best in you.
  5. Always and Always listen to your “MOM”.
  6. In this technology era,Never get to addict to Internet.
  7. It’s good to be Stubborn sometimes as it provides the strength to be focused on your goals.
  8. Time waits for none,So never put off anything to tomorrow that can be done today.
  9. Take time to cry,it will lighten your heart.
  10. When you are in a relationship never bring up your ego and never cheat.
  11. When life hits you hard in your back,always stand up and say that’s all energy you got.
  12. Never take religion seriously because it is we human who created religion not the other way around.
  13. It is good to be Stupid sometimes and learn new things rather than appear intelligent and learn nothing.
  14. Sometimes it is good to be bad to explore the good part in you.
  15. Help a stranger,it will make you appear more humane.
  16. What happens always happens for good.
  17. Don’t let you anger prevail you,if you can’t control your anger you will never be successful.
  18. Take your parent’s blessing every time you are upto something new.
  19. Enjoy your School and College day’s to the fullest as these are the days we miss a lot.
  20. Always get out of your comfort zone as being in comfort zone will land you nowhere.
  21. As always keep up fire inside you and never let your hope get down.
  22. If you are right don’t bother explaining others and what they think about you.
  23. Never expect life to give you anything before time and more than you require,there is a right time for everything and it happens accordingly.
  24. And most importantly to this beautiful Life all I can say is “Life Goes On”.

Hope all liked my post.. 🙂


Jack Of All Trades,Master Of None

Jack Of All TradesMost of Us,at some point of time has heard the phrase “Jack of all Trade,Master of None”.But the real question is Do we really want to be “Jack of all trades,master of none”.What does it mean to be a “Jack of all trades”? Why are the connotations logical? Are they logical?

If I were to say then at any given point of time I am happy to wear the tag of “Jack of All Trades” than to be “Master of One”.

This expression comes to mind when we see a person involved in many areas,will spread themselves and ultimately become a master of none.The problem is not with the person being able to handle so many areas,the problem is with the society’s poor ability to cater for all types of such personalities. 😛

I used this phrase for the first time when I was in my 11th standard,my teacher asked the class out of nowhere”Do you Guys want to be Jack of all trades or Master of One” and I instantly got up and said to me being Jack of all Trade is any day better than being Master of One and since then I see myself as Jack of All Trades and the reason behind this is that it at least give me the confidence to take up even the toughest task with very little or no knowledge.

Being “Mr.Jack of All Trades” in my view is definitely win-win situation as each and everyday you will be busy doing something new or learning something new,the horizon of our knowledge will increase day by day and will not be confined to one subject and at no point of time you will find yourself in boredoom.What I want to see is more people giving time to self-development.It’s important that we continue to push our minds into new domains,even if it is just one or two more things you decide to pursue.What’s important is constant development.

I see nothing wrong with being called a Jack of all trades.I believe in the sentiment so strongly that I’ll call myself “Mr. Jack of all trades”.Learning is nothing but a pleasure. Don’t allow for anyone or anything to coerce you into thinking of it in a negative light. It really is ok to be the Jack of all trades,Impressive in fact. 😎

I have given my view and I love if someone calls me “Jack of All Trades”.

Thank You for Reading.