The Last Seat of The Bus

Last Seat of the Bus

Last Seat of the Bus

It was 2 years back when I was in Mumbai, I had to go there as I one of my relatives was admitted in Bombay Hospital. Now she is all fine, but while coming back from Mumbai to Bangalore the journey of 18 hours was quite hectic and experience lesson of my life and the reason being I was seated in the last seat of the Bus, though it was semi-sleeper Volvo the experience of sitting in the last seat was more like sitting in a age-old city bus.

I had to book my ticket 3 hours before the bus was scheduled to leave from Mumbai and I had to pay the price as there was no other seat left except the last seat of the bus i.e. the right-most last seat with seat no. 48 and I was not interested in more delay as I had to reach Bangalore next morning to attend my Exam though it was a class exam.

When I boarded the Bus I was like I have the last seat and it won’t be much of a problem and it’s just a  matter of 18 hours.So,my journey begun and I left Mumbai City steadily and slowly listening to music and slowly I went to sleep for around 90 minutes and suddenly when I woke I saw that the man seating in-front of me was pushing his seat backwards so that he can lean in a semi-sleeper position and I was like WTF dude can’t you see that I have no space to rest my legs but I was not able or had the right to say like that to him as he had paid for the seat and for that 18 hours he was the owner of that seat and for me The Last Seat was my home for that 18 hours..

I  squeezed myself to my seat with the ac running but of no use and a film starring Saif Ali Khan it could not have got any worse than that and also to my utter dismay I was not even able to move my seat backwards so that I could lean a bit,the effect  of The Last Seat was clearly visible and I was just praying to reach Bangalore in no time.

After some time around 10:30pm the bus stopped for dinner and that half an hour stop was the only happy part in my journey,got down,relaxed,had dinner and smoked  and was mentally getting ready to spent another 12 hours in my home(The Last Seat). After the stop was over,I was back to seat adjusting to seat comfortably so that  can spent the rest 12 hours without much trouble,put on my earphones and started listening to music(thank god I was carrying my Ipod) and was praying to god just to allow me to sleep comfortably till I fell asleep and that what exactly happened as far as I remember(thanks to God for helping me out).

Next Morning when the bus entered the Bangalore rural area,I was getting so uncomfortable that I stood up from my seat and went to the Drivers area and stood there till I got down,it was like for 2 hours or so.Once I got down from the bus,took an auto quickly to my room and vowed never to take The Last of A Bus again in my life.

APJ Abdul Kalam said- “The best brains of the nation may be found on the LAST BENCHES of the classroom” but what about those who are seated in The Last Seat of a Bus as both of them are sitting at the Last Seat..Think About It…

I wrote this post as to preserve my memories,so that at some point of time I can cherish my memories as it taught me a lesson in life..Never to Take The Last Seat of a Bus for long journeys.