A Family–Not of Humans Though

Well the Title of the Post may be confusing but once you look at the Photograph it will make much more sense of What I am talking about.. 😉

This cute little family I was able to capture on my trip to Hogenakkal Falls and I imagined what they were talking about,Check out the face of the Male Monkey..He looks so pale 😛

*Please Click on the Image to see the Captions Clearly.. 🙂

A Family

A Family
©Harsha Bhuyan

And as they say–“A Woman Has The Last Word In Any Argument.Anything A Man Says After That Is The Beginning Of A New Argument

P.S.–Neither I am Husband nor a Father..And This image is my imagination..But who knows such fate may be waiting for me in the future,So it is better to have the Laugh as much as I can.. 😛