Statue of Unity–The Largest and Tallest Statue in World

How does it feel to have The World Tallest Statue in India?Ya you heard me right The Tallest Statue of World will soon be in India… 🙂

Surprised, Well Well let me tell you–The World’s Tallest Statue of the world will be known as “The Statue of Unity” which will be the Statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and will be built at Sadhu Bet facing the Narmada Dam in Gujarat…

The Proposed height of The Statute is 182m higher than The Current World’s Tallest Statue-The Spring Temple Buddha which is 153m.Check out World’s Tallest Statue for more information

As per the information the construction of this massive Structure will take around 56 months which is four and half years approx,and once completed will be known as I said The Tallest Statue in World.And will cost around Rs. 2500 crores.The monument will be a Public-Private Partnership with most of contribution from Public.
The Foundation Stone for The Statue is to be laid by Gujarat Chief Minister Mr.Narendra Modi on 31st October 2013 and which he says as his dream project.
This statue will be a gratitude towards the Ironman of India “Sardar Vallabhai Patel” and will help to boost tourism not only in Gujarat but also in India.

For More Information on the Statute and its progress..Visit–Statue of Unity.

With the marvel coming up in the future I wonder if this will make it to the 7 wonders of the World..

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

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And Here is a Video on “The Statue of Unity”

And Here is English Version Video on  “The Statue of Unity”

Advice to Our Prime Minister from A Commonman

On 15th August 2013 India celebrated its 67th Independence Day and as usual it  was the PM of India who delivered the speech at the Red Fort…I listened to his speech for about 10 minutes and after that I felt like there is no good listening to his speech as his speech is all made of some fake promises,some fake verses and all…

A common man would feel like breaking his TV sets listening to his speech,though his speech was full of hope but his speech lacked the positivity that one would expect from a PM…So to show my frustration on his speech I made a cartoon which I proudly dedicate to our incompetent PM and Government…

You can check the highlights of his speech here-Indian Express,if you are really interested to know what he said..Addressing the Nation from a Bullet Proof Box is very easy for our leaders but I wonder if they can say such nice things in their speech why can’t they do the same in reality…

Sorry Indians

Sorry Indians

Dear Indians–It is of no use looking at our leaders for betterment of India instead become aware,know your rights,duties and responsibilities towards India and help it grow with glow…And to our PM please open your mouth without anyone’s support…

Jai Hind..