Advice to Our Prime Minister from A Commonman

On 15th August 2013 India celebrated its 67th Independence Day and as usual it  was the PM of India who delivered the speech at the Red Fort…I listened to his speech for about 10 minutes and after that I felt like there is no good listening to his speech as his speech is all made of some fake promises,some fake verses and all…

A common man would feel like breaking his TV sets listening to his speech,though his speech was full of hope but his speech lacked the positivity that one would expect from a PM…So to show my frustration on his speech I made a cartoon which I proudly dedicate to our incompetent PM and Government…

You can check the highlights of his speech here-Indian Express,if you are really interested to know what he said..Addressing the Nation from a Bullet Proof Box is very easy for our leaders but I wonder if they can say such nice things in their speech why can’t they do the same in reality…

Sorry Indians

Sorry Indians

Dear Indians–It is of no use looking at our leaders for betterment of India instead become aware,know your rights,duties and responsibilities towards India and help it grow with glow…And to our PM please open your mouth without anyone’s support…

Jai Hind..

India-Facts We Can Brag About

In this post I will pen down some of the facts about India that obviously makes India a Country we can brag about.

I have seen many people who being Indians don’t even bother to respect India and will just try to find faults in India,in Indian System but what they don’t understand is that they are also part of this system and rather than doing something good for India,those people will just make fun of India…When I meet such people I literally don’t hesitate to start an argument with them and I have done this may times..I just feel like kicking their butt so hard that they……. 😛

*Please click on the image for better view.. 🙂

Ture Indian

True Indian

So here is the list amazing facts about India(Source–Internet)

  1. India is the world largest Democracy.
  2. India is the world’s largest,oldest,continuous civilization.
  3. India is one of the few countries in the world,which gain independence without violence.
  4. India has the second largest pool of Scientist and Engineers in the World.
  5. India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.
  6. India’s economy is growing at a rate of 7%-8% and with this rate India is the third largest economy in the world and likely to suppress China by 2020.
  7. Young India-The average age of an Indian is 25 years compared to China’s 35 years,US 37 years,Japan’s 45 years.
  8. The four religions born in India are Hinduism,Buddhism,Jainism and Sikhism are comprises of 25% of the world’s population.
  9. There are 300,000 active mosques in India more than in any other country,including the Muslim world.
  10. With close to 100crore Hindus,India is not just the largest Hindu country but also world’s third largest Muslim population after Pakistan and Indonesia.
  11. India invented the number system.Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.
  12. India recycles 60% of its plastic waste.The figures for Japan and China are 12% and 10% respectively.
  13. Chess was invented here. Algebra, trigonometry and calculus too. ‘Place value system’ and the decimal system developed in 100BC.
  14. India provides safety for more than 300,000 refugees from Lanka,Tibet, Bhutan,Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
  15. India has more honor roll students than America.

I guess I have provided enough facts to boast about our country and in due time I will add more as I know the list will keep going as India is the best country in my view…and I don’t care others view.
So,next time when you hear any Indian talking nonsense about India don’t hesitate to start an argument with him because you now have the facts with you and don’t forget to kick his butt so hard that they….. 😛 🙂

To all Indians–“Make our Country Proud”

PM vs Terrorist-A Cartoon

As I was reading Times of India,I came to know that Terrorist has Opened Fire on Indian Soldiers and Reportedly 2 Soldiers were injured and the main reason behind I think is the Srinagar visit of our PM.

As I was going through the news an idea of creating a Cartoon came to mind,if PM hear this news then how would he react to it?

So here is a little try depicting our PM action on this matter through the Cartoon…

Hope you guys like it.. 🙂

PM and Terrorist

PM and Terrorist

P.S.-No Hard Feeling on Our Honorable Prime Minister,It is just for fun…

P.P.S-Due to great support and encouragement from my fellow bloggers I am able to come up with ideas,Please keep supporting Keep.. 🙂


The Arch-Rivals Of Cricket


India-Pakistan Champions Trophy

When we do a random search in Google as ‘Arch Rivals of Cricket’,the first result that google throws is ‘India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry‘.That is the impact of a cricket match between India and Pakistan whether it a is final,warm-up,friendly,league match or a dead rubber match in ICC Champions Trophy which is to held on 15th June 2013.

India-A Strong Contender to lift the Champions Trophy.
Pakistan-Out of the Tournament.

Still the heat of this match is never coming down and a much awaited match for all Cricket Lovers of both the nations.

If we go by the Champions Trophy perspective this match has no significance as India is through to the semi-finals having won their previous 2 matches and Pakistan out of the tournament losing their previous 2 matches.But from the perspective of the cricket fans from both the nations this is going to be a High Voltage Match as with all the other matches between India and Pakistan.

Cricket being considered as a religion in India and also may be in Pakistan,a match between these two teams is always a fulltoo entertainer.With the tickets being sold out for the match within hours of going on sale last November this match looked like a huge entertainer is now just a dead rubber but nevertheless the sporting contests between the arch-rivals are never irrelevant for players and millions of fans across the globe as heroes turn villains or vice-versa depending on the result.

Going by the Team comparison India Team looks better than Pakistan Team,with players like Shikhar Dhawan twingling his moustache,the charismatic Virat Kohli,Sir Ravindra Jadeja,pacerhead Umesh Yadav,Bhuvaneshwar Kumar,Rohit Sharma after getting so many chance is now showing some gratitude towards the team,Suresh Raina the middle order lifeline and leading them from the front The Captain Cool MS Dhoni.

Having said all that,the Pakistan is also geared up for this match and will try with all their might to put the best foot forward and will leave no stone unturned with the likes of Mohd.Hafeez the allrounder,Kamran Akmal,Imran Farhat,the experienced Sohaib Malik,Saeed Ajmal,pacerhead Wahab Riaz and Mohd.Irfan and leading them the Captain Msibah-ul-Haq who is any day a delight to watch for his batting skills

In their recent encounter of 3 day ODI series held in India,Pakistan won the series 2-1 and the 2 t20 International series results was a draw with both team winning a match.But these results are past and lot of things has changed since then.It is considered a myth that when a India-Pakistan match is on the card it is more of a show of Indian Batting versus Pakistanis Bowling and that holds true for this match also.

The match is scheduled on a Saturday which is very good because cricket fans like me don’t want to miss this match even for a second and saturday being a weekend there is no issue as I will free from regular duties and will stick to my TV from 3pm onwards.

At last Wishing best of luck to both the teams and to the people of both the nations and may the deserving team win this match and The game is played in the True Spirits of  Cricket.