A Panoramic Shot–Hogenakkal WaterFalls

For the last few days I was very busy….but luckily got a holiday on 2nd October because of Gandhi Jayanti…and thought of spending the day going somewhere away from Bangalore,I mean away from City Life…  😀

So me and 3 of my friends decided to head to HogenakkalFalls which is around 130-140 kms from Bangalore situated at Karnataka-Tamil Nadu Border and this post is a teaser of my travel to Hogenakkal falls and a Panoramic Capture of Hogenakkal that I want to share with you guys,,, 🙂

And Wait many for Captures of Hogenakkal is on the way,So stayed tuned…

This was taken by my Nokia Lumia 520 and I believe it was decent take and Please Click on the image for the better view of this Panoramic Shot…

Hogenakkal Panoramic

Hogenakkal Panoramic