Weekly Photo Challenge-The Hue of You

Every Human being is fond of certain colors and I am no different..Well in My case I am just in love with the color of the Indian National Flag.. 😀

The color our Flag has are Orange,White and Green,with the Ashok Chakra in Blue with 24 spokes in it.. 😀
It appears lovely and not only that the color has very special significance..Orange stands for Courage and Sacrifice,White stands for Truth,Peace and Purity and Green stands for Prosperity and the Ashok Chakra represents the Laws of Dharma(Righteousness)

This Picture was taken during 67th Independence Day of India.. :D,The Flag is created using Holi(Colors) and given the shape of our National Bird–Peacock

Indian Flag In Peacock Shape

Indian Flag In Peacock Shape

Looking Beautiful Isn’t it?.. 😀

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