I am Alive but not Active….

Its been a long time since I wrote my last post,to be precise 16-17 days has passed,this is the first time I am away from my blog for this long and things are still not settled on my end and I need some more time but this post is just a reminder to all my blog friends that I am round the corner and will be back soon,I am missing writing post,reading others post,commenting but at the same time I am enjoying some time off… 🙂

The reason of me being away for so long is because of my Job–My Journey from a Metro City–“Bangalore” to a small town in “Assam”–“Gohpur“.
But nevertheless I am enjoying clean air here and I guess sometimes that is necessary too.. ;).

But Friends I will be back soon,pretty soon….. :)Till then enjoy the two photographs of Gohpur taken using my Phone.. 🙂

P.S.-This post is written using my Phone,so please ignore any typos…… 😉

Winter Bonfirea

Winter Bonfire

Sun setting in Gohpur

Sun setting in Gohpur