RIP English–A Capture

My Trip to Hogenakkal was full of  Fun and lovely Captures which I am yet to share with all of you.. :D.But amidst of all these fun trip there was even more funnier or negligence on the Part of the Concerned People thing that I captured..
Generally I will call it as RIP English because the capture certainly proves that and after looking at it,even you will know.. 😀

The image is of a Poster that was put up in Hogenakkal..I believe the Poster was made by someone not so strong in English..But is was the duty of the concerned people to cross-check things before putting it up instead of making mockery of themselves….Though I am not sure how many tourist have looked into the poster closely…

Ok Enough of introduction and Now Time to see the Image and Spot the Error and well also let me know the error.. 😀

RIP English

RIP English

With this Post I request Karnataka Forest Dept. if ever they notice the error please correct it… 😀