One Horned Rhino-Its Sorry State

As we all know One Horned Rhino is found only in Assam,India.It is kind of Pride not only to Assam but to whole of India,but as you all know the kind of sorry state they are going through…on the verge of extinction because of only few who just in the name of few bucks don’t care to kill them.

Just 10-12 days has passed in 2015 and 3 rhinos has been killed,what a shameful act.And we as citizen of Assam and India just don’t care enough..

Don’t talk about our leaders,The Assam Government just don’t care and never will…Even the Central Govt. have put a blind eye towards it.

No one seems to care and in no time they will be History… 😦

If by any chance our Prime Minister happens to go through this,I would just like to request him to take necessary and stern steps to Save Our Pride-The One Horned Rhino.

One Horned Rhino

One Horned Rhino



The Indian Rhino-Our Pride

Indian RhIndian Rhinoinoceros-Also known as ‘The Great One-Horned Rhinoceros’ widely found in North-Eastern India’s Assam state and some areas in the foothills of Himalayas.Also listed as a vulnerable species meaning they are in the danger of Extinction or Endangered Species.

Generally found in The Kaziranga National Park,Pobitora Nationa Park and now some being transferred to Manas Tiger Reserve.Due to high concentration of Rhino in Kaziranga they are now being shifted to other protected areas.

Now the serious part-What if such a Beautiful creature become extinct?Have we Guys ever Rhino Kazirangathought about that.No one is bothered about their existence,they make us proud,India proud.

Through this blog post I want to raise awareness among the People on India and Especially among the people of NE to come up together and try to stop the atrocities happening on them not only them but all the other beautiful wild creatures.

Indian Government along with Assam Government are doing there bit which I suppose is not enough and I think being citizen of India we hold responsibility to do our bit too especially when the so-called ‘Rhino’ species is about to extinct.

Few days ago going over the net I found about the India: IRV2020

This programme is specially designed with an aim to increase the Rhino population to 3000 by the year 2020 which is a very good initiative by Assam Government and WWF  in fact this project can become a huge success if we the citizen and locals offer a helping hand and co-operate with Government and WWF.

The main aim of the IRV2020 is:-

One horned Rhino

  • To improve security in all rhino areas in Assam
  • To expand the distribution of rhinos to reduce the risk of catastrophes
  • To the concentration of Rhino in one place i.e. transferring them to other protected areas.

According to recent census Rhino population is on the rise with over 2200 Rhino found in Assam,though poaching activity is there but compared to earlier days such activity has come down with tremendous effort from Assam Government and the locals.

With more and more effort from the Government Of India and Assam,with help of the local people’s,and creating more and more awareness among the citizen of India I believe we will be able to keep our pride-The Rhino in a nourished way.