Weekly Photo Challenge–Horizon

Horizon–What this word bring to your Mind?

If we go by the Books it is The line that separates the Earth from the Sky,But has anyone ever seen that line….It is always like as much as close we get to them they seem to be as much as far from us,but then that is the way it is defined.. 😀

So,instead of defining we just can look at them and adore.. 😀

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“A Line between the Sky and  the Earth
A line infinite
Separates us from the World Unknown”

Mysore Skyview

Mysore Sky-view

“Charming as Ever
Out he Comes from the Horizon
To spread the Glow”

Kanyakumari Sunrise

Kanyakumari Sunrise

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Accidental Capture..

The Following Capture is of the One and Only our very own “The Calm Moon” but in a different way.. 🙂

As always I was in my Terrace after dinner and thought of capturing the Moon again but the twist is this time I got the Capture in a unique way,though it was not intentional but still I will take the full credit and a pat on my back.. 😛
So without writing much let’s go ahead and see what I captured,and I am giving the a capture the name–“Accidental Capture-The Heart Moon”.

So,if you had ever wondered how the moon would look like if it was in the shape of a heart,then well see for yourself.. 🙂

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The Heart Moon

The Heart Shaped Moon

Now what I am hoping is to get a call from ISRO or NASA asking me on–What Technique I used to  capture the Moon this way.. 😛

A Day at A Cricket Ground

This Weekend our Company played a Cricket Tournament known as MPL–Media Premiere League and we end up as Runners-Up–pretty good huh… 😀

But this post is not about our triumph,instead I had a good time in the cricket ground standing at the Boundary line when our team was batting,I got some pretty nice Clicks and here are some and Interestingly I got the Title of Photographer from my Team Mates,feels good right…So check out the Captures…. 🙂

The Doordarshan TV Tower,the oldest public service broadcaster in India– get its signal with the help of this Tower in Bangalore..Standing Tall TV Tower

Doordarshan TV Tower

Doordarshan TV Tower

The Flying Eagle over the Cricket Ground,The wind was pretty strong that day and I guess Bird enjoy flying in strong wind as they don’t have to make much effort or flap their wings continuously…Enjoying the Time this Eagle. 🙂

The Flying Eagle

The Flying Eagle

The Ground Inspection from the Boundary Line,I was experimenting if I could Blur the Players in Action and take a Close-up of the seed lying in the Boundary Line and I guess I did fairly well,isn’t it?

Ground Inspection

Ground Inspection

We Got spectators in the ground itself,These Pigeons flew out of nowhere and busy searching something in the ground right after it stopped raining,I wonder if they got what they were looking for.. 😉

The Piegons

The Pigeons

A Tree in the Boundary was with this Pink Flower,soon after it stopped Raining,The Flower looked so beautiful with the Rain Drops and I just couldn’t stop myself clicking it… 🙂

Flower with Rain Drops

Flower with Rain Drops

That’s all I have for now and I really had a pretty nice day all in all wit all these clicks and ending up the Tournament as Runners-Up,So next weekend we will be partying to celebrate our Victory.. 😀

The Moon is So Calm and Awesome…

The other day I was at the terrace of my room talking over the phone..It was not raining that day in Bangalore and the Sky was somewhat clear compared to other day…and the moon was glowing in its full as I guess it was also full moon that day..For sometime I watched the Sky,I watched the clouds passing the moon,it was like the Moon was playing hide and seek…Sometimes it hide itself in the clouds and the very next moment it was out again glowing,Just then the idea of capturing our lovely calm Moon came to my mind and in no time I was with my camera in the terrace capturing The Calm and Serene Moon.. 🙂

I took many pictures and uploading some in this post,don’t think me as mad as my previous photography was also related to the Sky,the thing is I just can’t help myself now-a-days from clicking pictures when something soothing catch my eyes and The Moon certainly is one of them.. :-),I just love the creation of God and how magnificent they appear to human eyes.. 🙂

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The Moon--1

The Moon–1

The Moon--2

The Moon–2

The Moon--3

The Moon–3

So What do you think about the moon?