Voters Right to Reject all Candidates–Landmark Judgement By SC

On Friday one of the landmark judgement by SC powered the Voters with the Right to reject all the candidates mentioned in the Ballot Machine(Electronic Voting Machine)…I must appreciate SC for some the recent Landmark Judgement but this one is above all…Kudos to SC.. 😀

Now What the Right is all about–Read On

Supreme Court-The Highest Judicial Forum and Final Court of Appeal in India on Friday in a landmark judgement for the first time provided the option of casting a negative vote to the Voters if they find no suitable candidates.

In a democracy like India such judgement and right is very much appreciated especially at the current moment when Politics is full of Corrupted Politicians.A much appreciated judgement before the General Elections in 2014.

Supreme Court has asked the Election Commission to provide the option of “None of the Above “(NOTA) at the end of the list of the Candidate’s in Electronic Voting Machine(EVM’s).

SC said–“If right to vote is statutory right, right to reject candidate is fundamental right of speech and expression under Constitution”.

With these Power the citizens will be able to do much more justice to their votes and I believe will use this Right in for the betterment of India.

Please share the news as much as possible as everyone should know about this right.. 🙂
And here is the Highlights of the Judgement passed as appeared on Times of India

Red Beacon Siren Wala

beaconEvery citizen in India has once in his/her life came across these Red Beacons Wala ‘Netas’ or Bureaucrats.

When I come across them,I generally think,don’t have anything better to do more than just flashing their Beacon with Siren zooming their cars on the roads basically meant for the public of India,I don’t consider them to be general public so I think these roads don’t belong to them :-P.

Every now and then when these so-called ‘netas’ take up the roads they create frustration among the public,when they on the roads traffic comes to a standstill,even pedestrians are not allowed to cross or walk on the footpaths,damn ‘netas’ they drive me crazy.Except for taking bribe,roaming in the Cars fitted with Beacon,enjoying their life to the fullest with the tax payer money and making us go for a run literally for everything that is our right,I think they are doing nothing good to us and are posing as burden on our society make it dirtier day by day.

In the Republic of India, the number of beacon vehicles, as per norms, at any given time should not exceed 50 in the center or in the state government.But this is not the case,every other person holding a high rank in Government finds it necessary to use Red Beacon to their utmost pleasure.
Recently Supreme Court of India has ordered the Government to drastically restrict the use of red beacon by VIPs and to provide it only to the heads of political executive, legislature, judiciary and persons holding constitutional posts.The apex court also asked the governments to impose a total ban on use of sirens except in vehicles of the police, army and fire fighters and ambulances.The Apex court has provided a timeframe till second week of July to the Government failing which it will pass the order in this regard.

Most shockingly the fine for misuse of Beacons is a meagre Rs.100 under the Motor Vehicles Act and the Apex court has also asked to increase it to Rs.10000 which I think is still not enough,impounding of vehicles and cancellation of licence for people found misusing Beacon will at least make them think like general public.India is a country where the siren of an Ambulance is given lesser importance than the siren of a ‘netas’ vehicle.

Even I was a victim of these Red Beacon walas back in 2007 when I was going to appear for my NDA exam,I was like stuck in the road for around 45 minutes with all the frustrated public and the result was that I was not able to attend my exam and from that day onwards whenever I get stuck for these so-called Red Beacon walas I curse them like hell :x.Laal Batti

People say “With Great Power comes Great Resposibilitie” but with Indian Netas it should be “With Great Power Comes Great Life Enjoying Scheme”.This is my say for our Red Beacon or Laal Batti wala Netas…Post your say on in comments,like to hear what my fellow Indians think