Indians Issue-Piss and PDA

Going through the Times of India I came across a post titled “25 things that make us truly Indian!“,though it is funny post and not so serious point mentioned in the post but one point caught my eyes and I decided to depict it in my Cartoon.

The point is “We great citizens will piss in public but not kiss in public.That’s against our Indian ethics.Future generations will be born spastic if we indulge in PDA.” This point made me laugh and at the same time I realize the trueness of the point.

India is developing,we are slowly but surely following western lifestyle but do you really think that we Indians have really developed our mindset.There are so many instances to point out to prove that we Indians are not enough Broad Minded to accept PDA like things but at the same time will happily adopt Western Lifestyle….

What I want to prove here is that PDA to a certain extent is ok and I believe India being a conservative country,Indians will never cross that limit.We don’t care about Pissing in Public but we get Shock when we see someone in PDA….What does that mean?

Check out my Cartoon and Have your Say…. 🙂 because I want to know what others think in this matter..

Indian Issue

Indian Issue


PM vs Terrorist-A Cartoon

As I was reading Times of India,I came to know that Terrorist has Opened Fire on Indian Soldiers and Reportedly 2 Soldiers were injured and the main reason behind I think is the Srinagar visit of our PM.

As I was going through the news an idea of creating a Cartoon came to mind,if PM hear this news then how would he react to it?

So here is a little try depicting our PM action on this matter through the Cartoon…

Hope you guys like it.. 🙂

PM and Terrorist

PM and Terrorist

P.S.-No Hard Feeling on Our Honorable Prime Minister,It is just for fun…

P.P.S-Due to great support and encouragement from my fellow bloggers I am able to come up with ideas,Please keep supporting Keep.. 🙂