Watch the Sky through my Virtual Eyes

Last Weekend I had loads of fun in and around Bangalore,the reason being my Parents are here in Bangalore,I went to Mysore,roamed around Bangalore and clicked lots of Pictures…I guess now I am in love with Photography..:-)

But all I end up was clicking Pictures of the Sky,Monuments and other things and my Mom said “You bought this Camera not to take pictures of People and only these useless thing” to which I tried to explain her but I guess that was all in vain,nevertheless here I present the Snaps of the Sky clicked by at different times from afternoon to dusk till night..Hope everyone likes them and don’t forget to mention the one you liked most..:-)

And Today i.e.19th August is the World Photography Day,so this post is dedicated to World of Photographs…:-),but I was not aware of this event until I came to know this from a fellow Blogger–

Rayala Noel

*Please click on the Image for better view..

Bangalore Sky-Rainy Afternoon

Bangalore Sky-Rainy Afternoon

Mysore Sky-Afternoon

Mysore Sky-Afternoon(Oh I guess it will Rain)

Mysore Sky--Evening(Vrindavan Garden)

Mysore Sky–Evening(Vrindavan Garden)

Mysore Sky--Dusk(Vrindavan Garden)

Mysore Sky–Dusk(Vrindavan Garden)

Bangalore Sky--Night--The Moon looks like a Dot

Bangalore Sky–Night–The Moon looks like a Dot

That’s all is my journey from Bangalore to Mysore with the Sky above me and providing me with nice pose to capture and now I am in love with Nature–The Sky,The Rain,The Sun,The Trees,The Birds,The Night,The Afternoon,The Dusk and not to mention The Moon..:-)

59 thoughts on “Watch the Sky through my Virtual Eyes

      • Harsha Sir .. thank Him who made the sky , the camera and the photographer .. I am all but worth thanking:) I did not contribute even an ounce in anything:)

      • Oh dear friend everyone is contributing in its own way…A raindrop also knows its value as millions of them make a sea,so why you should demoralize yourself..:-)
        And thanking the almighty is what everyone does for everything..:-)

        Everyone is worth of something and that’s all I know..:-)

      • hahaahaha did I sound so pessimistic .. hahaha ??
        Well.. ok then better I accept your thanks .. for you feel not I did not acknowledge my contribution being His awesome creation who loves appreciating:)

  1. you went to your hometown and i hope you had a lot of fun there and the all photographs are wonderful…
    The word for the photographs :)

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