When the day is about to end,Dusk offer a very soothing view to our eyes no matter where we are,that’s nature to us.

Dusk and A Boat

Dusk and A Boat

This was taken when the Sun was going down at the Mighty River Brahmaputra,Guwahati…Beautiful isn’t it?

Dusk and A Boat

Dusk and A Boat

This was taken using a mobile phone with 5 megapixel camera and to my astonishment it came like a masterpiece 😛

And now I believe “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.. 😉 “

Elephant Falls-Shillong

Elephant FallsElephant Falls

When the British People came to Shillong and Saw this Fall they named it as “Elephant Falls” because on the left side of the fall there was a rock that resembled like the Elephant but the rock was destroyed by the earthquake in 1897.

Landscapes…On the Way to Cherrapunji

Shillong to Cherrapunji provides quiet natural and beautiful views to our eyes..They are very refreshing indeed

On The Way

The Roads to Cherrapunji are always covered with rains and fogs..And it kind of like Zero Visibility,Make sure to carry Warm Clothes no matter when you are visiting Cherrapunji..

Fogs and Rain all the Way