Origin of the Word “MAA”–Let me Think!!!

Well,Any Guesses What the Post will be about after reading the title?

Well If not let me Start–For the last 3-4 days I have thinking about something unusual,I don’t know how it came to my mind..But I am still thinking.I did lot of research but was never able to find the answer,even GoogleΒ this time fail to provide me an answer that I am satisfied with…

So Thinking What I am Thinking?Well–Let me put it this way “Does Anyone Know from Where the Word ‘Maa‘ originated?”
Now Maa translate Mother or Mama,but has ever anyone thought where these word came from,I really have no idea..

For me “Mother or Maa or Mama” is the most powerful word,the First word a baby generally speak,but there is no theories whatsoever on the origination of the Word…

So I take it this way..”Long back when Human was in the process of evolution,A Woman was holding her baby and the baby chuckled “mammaama”,”maa” and the likes,since these were the first word that came out of the baby mouth made the woman very happy,Now as in early times Humans didn’t use their brains that much and maybe the didn’t have any particular name to address each other,So I guess the Woman thought of taking the chuckling of her Baby as a way to address her…May be she took that as her name,and said to others that her baby has given her that name…Now as the Evolution Process took pace more and more words evolved as Humans started using their brains and that way other words got added..But the word “Maa” came to address a Mother,Now the word Mother is also the formation of the Process of Evolution.. πŸ˜€

Another Possible Origination–As we all know–“The goat makes a bleat sound, which sounds like a ‘Maa-Maa‘.So I think in early days,May be a Goat came near to a Woman and started calling “Maa-Maa” and the Woman was so touched by the voice of the Goat that she thought of taming her.Now once she started taming her,The bonding between them became very strong and the Goat was like a child to her calling her “Maa-Maa“.So the bonding between a Child and Mother was well reflected,The wordΒ “Maa” is what we used to address our Mother

And How could I end my Post without my new Handsome Stick Figures.. :-P,So here they are.. πŸ™‚

Stick-Man Thinking about the Question in the Present



Stick-Man still Thinking But no answer to the Question

Still Thinking

Still Thinking

Stick-Man so emerged in thinking,He forgot when he got married.. πŸ˜›

Forgot the Real World

Forgot the Real World


P.S.–The Above mentioned things are my imagination as The Origination of the Word “Maa” is bugging me a lot,Please take it in a Humorous Spirit as I don’t mean anything offensive.. πŸ˜€
But for me– “MAA” word is the most powerful word in the world..:D,If anyone have knowledge about its Origin,Please Mention in the Comment Section..

47 thoughts on “Origin of the Word “MAA”–Let me Think!!!

  1. According to vedas the word “MAA” is originated from the relation of Cow and calf.In ancient times when human saw the activities of cow and calf and start reacting on it,calf voice is recognized as maaaaa while hearing this word cow used to feed his baby and licking her body which describes immense love towards her baby,further followed by human.As cow is symbol of MAA .Also Cow is mentioned the MAA of entire universe according to hindu. Cow gives everything like milk ,and her urine which is effective in various disease and everything is done selflessly .So human watched and followed everything and start calling “MAA” .

    Whereas Goat child pronounce “meeehhh” which means EGO so its totally wrong theory according to this.

  2. I searched because this occurred to me today. Maa, as per thought given to me by The One, is the spasht roop or creation/all animate and inanimate forms of SuperConsciousness. Hence, if Om is the one Super Consciousness, One without form, then the expression of Om is Maa where Om takes all the forms. Om and Maa are one.That is why Devi Durga, Shakti are also called Devi Maa. Please don’t make fun of words as Pious as Maa. These are divine words with amazing spiritual power. I am still an ignorant fool. I just shared what occurred to me. If a realized soul sees this, please correct me wherever I am wrong.

  3. He hee…. πŸ˜€ Great theories! πŸ˜€

    I think, a baby says ‘Aa…’ first. Then starts ‘Mmmm…’ B this ‘Mmm…’ ma, amma, mother, etc were originated.

  4. The word ‘Ma’ is simply a nomenclature. A woman who begets a child is referred to with similar epithets in different languages e.g. ma mama, ami, mater, mother. May be the word originated from sanskrit.

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    • That’s What I mean to say.. “Maa” got evolved to many different words with Time..But the Basics is still the same.. πŸ˜€
      Such is the Power of the Word.. πŸ˜€

  6. When baby opens its mouth to speak for the first time, it parts its lips with a blow of air and the word ‘Ma’ comes out. I am not sure how it got associated with its mother,

  7. Lol I just Love both of your theories for this lovely word πŸ˜› I can’t guess though how come you came up with the idea of a goat saying Maa lol actually it says Maaaeee maaeee πŸ˜› Anyway keep thinking like this…You would be the second Einstein one day !

    • Hahahah..I didn’t know you can Mimic a Goat so nicely.. πŸ˜›
      Great Going Rukh… πŸ˜‰
      And Thanks BTW mere mein itne Talent hai ki Einstein bhi Sharmajaye.. πŸ˜›

  8. Some writer has said that theories are not found, they are made, and the one which is accepted becomes the norm ( and that writer, is me :P)… So, you should rush to google or wikipedia helpdesks and make these theories public so that some other time when someone has thoughts like you… there is a theory on net available to answer πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  9. Nice post Harsha πŸ™‚ , I think I would prefer your first explanation πŸ˜‰ Totally agree with you that Maa(Mother/Mamma) is the most powerful word.

  10. Indeed it is a powerful word.. And about the origin, I think the first reason you mentioned is best. πŸ™‚
    Well.. Nice Stick-Man and I can see you thinking for so long.. what have you done to yourself πŸ˜›

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