Hats Off to Assam Village and WTI

Assams-Karbi-Anglong-district-Elephant-2I am a very much attracted to wildlife and I always support preserving the wild world,I think we the human and the wild world or the nature or the environment go hand in hand with the later having much more importance in Human life.As my father is a Ranger in Assam Forest Dept.,I always have a soft corner for wildlife and had many memorable experiences in the wild with my father.

I have even set up Google Alert on any news about Wildlife In Assam and today through Google alert I received a news which is worth mentioning.The news is about Asian Elephant which is in the endangered species list.The reason I am excited about the news because the WTI and Assam Forest Dept. has taken a bold step to save these endangered species and it is one of its kind in India.

Information Source:- NDTV in Assam.

Due to the increasing conflict between humans and elephants in the fringe areas of forests it has become one of the major concern to protect these endangered species as well as the humans and to tackle this concern the WTI and Assam Forest Dept. came up with the solution to move out an entire village in Assam’s Karbi Anglong District which adds to as much as 8% of the total population of Elephants in India,According to reports,this step will help around 2000 Elephants to live more securely and freely thereby reducing conflict with Humans and as for the villagers moving out of the village will be getting concrete house,agricultural land,water,electricity and other amenities which I think is a win win situation for both.

All in All it is a very good step by WTI and Assam Forest Dept. but my sincere thanks to  the Villagers of Ram Terang Village,Karbi Anglong District for their cooperation.It is small step but surely will go on helping not only the Wildlife but also the Common People.


21 thoughts on “Hats Off to Assam Village and WTI

  1. fORESTS …. the very word makes me believe in a few good things again —- I love that you care Harsha, love love love that you care about environments and natural or built up heritage… its what makes people and blogs human… KUDOS !

    • Thanks a Lot Rayla… 🙂
      And Yes I love them from the core of my heart as they are the one that make life possible in this Earth..
      Thanks for Sharing your views.. 🙂

  2. Commendable step. I feel the forest dept should keep the villagers in confidence and may be they should try the same formula in other parts of the country. That may solve some of the maoist problems also.

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